~ Always be a gentleman, respectful, and well-mannered throughout our date. Rude behavior will not be tolerated.

~  Any explicit or vulgar language, or discussion of services will be immediately blocked or simply not responded to.

~  Respect my boundaries and time, and I will do the same for you. Our time is never rushed so let us make the most of it.

~  Clean is sexy.

~  Consideration should be made available at the very beginning of our meeting. It is in poor taste if I need to ask for consideration.

~  If we are meeting in a private location, my consideration should be left in an unsealed envelope on the bathroom counter or out in plain sight.

~  If we are meeting in public, please place my consideration in an unsealed envelope in either a book or magazine, a gift bag on the table, or simply slip it in my purse within the first 10-minutes of my arrival. Never hand over donation indiscreetly.

~  Money exchanged is for my time and companionship only.

~  Should you wish to extend the length of our date beyond our pre-arranged time, please ask me! If I have no prior engagements, I will be thrilled to continue our time together. But please note that regardless of our chemistry, extended dates should be compensated accordingly.

~  I am happy to accommodate your requests for lingerie, attire, hair, or makeup. Please work out these details with me prior to our date.

~  It is ONLY after you have been verified and have a set date that I will grant a request for a selfie. Please visit my Twitter for updated selfies.

~  I enjoy the company of men over the age of 30 … unless you are very well-spoken.

~  I will not accept an invitation to your residence if you live with either roommates or have a significant other that is in town. I want to feel completely comfortable wherever I am with you.

~  Lastly, I do not work with an assistant. All my emails, calls, and texts are answered by yours truly. Please have patience when trying to get in touch with me.